The Beginn of a little page...

All begun at 14.04.1996. At Ronīs homepage a section about RMB was
born. There was not much material about the two producer, and it does not seem to
become such a great side, also Ronny Juretschke, the webmaster does not thought about.
At that time there were only 2 pictures, a little discography and biography about
Rolf Maier-Bode and Farid Gharadjedaghi.

Two month later, the first covers entered the RMB section.
Short time later the section appeared in new gloss, an own RMB-Layout, that does not
fit to the layout of anymore, online. Additionally the discography
always continued to increase and became more and more detailed...

A little page is growing...

All actual news regularly appeared now in the RMB-section.
The page was extended and got an own llink on the start page of RONīs Homepage.
Reports about remixes and others projects, on which Rolf and Farid operated now moved
into the discography. That way, artists such as Manitou, Skyflyer and Nautilus were
taken up. In the second half of the year, the first Real Audio samples appeared.
The samples had not really a good quality, but they served their purpose.

The completeness...

There were a lot of investigations about older projects of RMB, to finally
get a complete representing discography of RMB. So, the cathegories
"Other Projects" and "Only On Compilations" moved into the discography.

The Artists break...

It came to RMBīs long break of productions. At the beginning of the year, there
were more investigations, in order to enrich the page further. However slowly
however reliably the material went out. There were less updates and news.
First contacts to Tom Kramer were attached.

The continuation with reinforcement...

The layout of the page again became completely revised. Now it has a Links-section
and a Webmaster-section. This way contacts to other RMB pages got more and more
strengthened. A few weeks later the Dates-section with live-dates of RMB was born.
First only older appearances of RMBB went into the data base, until finally the
large comeback of RMB came.

In October RON's RMB homepage received reinforcement. The meanwhile friend become
Tom Kramer was appointed from Ron to Co-Webmaster. Together a strong team was
created, which led to a strong enriching for the side. RONs & TOMs RMB Homepage
was born. The RMB Seite went online in english language, first polls were available.

New name

The News-Section got the names "News", were actual news about RMB can be read,
and "Updates", were all the actual Sidenupdates were visible.
The Video-Section was born, were lots of videoclips of RMB and their
tracks were offered for looking. Short time later the Message board went online.
Towards the end of the year, the Files-Section and the Fakes-Section, were illegal
and modified RMB Tracks of other artists are shown.
The side was renamed to, the webmasters are the same.

It goes on and on...

Our RMB-Homepage,, become official fanpage and appeared on the
covers of all Redemption 2.0 releases. The side got a complete new fit, layout and
design. A RMB-Chatroom get available for all fans...